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Wharf Road Newcastle

This project consisted of modifying and upgrading the existing mechanical services for a 3-storey office building. The building remained fully tenanted throughout the works,were staged and carried out accordingly to maintain occupant comfort and minimise disturbance to the tenants.

The project scope of works included

  • Demolition and disposal of existing ductwork, equipment (cooling towers,refrigeration plant, pumps, AHU and the like as documented and required for theinstallation of the new systems.
  • Removal of all redundant wiring, ductwork, pipework and the like within theplantroom
  • Provision and installation of 2 new AHUs supplied and manufactured by airconditioning Industries
  • Supply and install 1 off water cooled powerpax chiller
  • Supply and install 1 off cooling tower
  • Supply and install new chilled and condenser water pumps and all associated pipework
  • Complete electrical system, including all wiring, breakers and control gear for the connection of all new mechanical plant to the existing mechanical service distribution board, this included upgrading the switchboard to current standards and installing variable speed drives to all new equipment
  • Upgrade and modify as required the existing Trend control system to incorporate controls to the new equipment supplied

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