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Air Conditioning Industries are the experts you can trust with installing and serving your VRF air conditioning in Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley. 

VRF systems – otherwise known as “variable refrigerant flow systems” – are some of the most efficient, high-end air conditioning systems available on the market.

These air conditioning systems have an infinite amount of combinations depending on your application and come in a range of sizes, from small units to large installations in multi-story buildings.

Rather than having a simple on/off control system, VRF systems have varying fan speeds and temperatures at all times. By operating at varying speeds, VRF systems work at the needed rate alone, allowing for substantial energy savings. In fact, home and business owners can expect up to a 55% saving in energy with a VRF system.

Heat recovery technology allows individual indoor units to heat or cool as needed while the compressor load benefits from the internal heat recovery.  When used as a heat recovery system that pushes air around the building as needed, you can create serious savings in running costs.

Air Conditioning Industries has extensive experience designing and installing VRF systems. Our team has more than sixty years experience with air conditioning design and installation, plus at least forty in complex VRF systems.

Our expert design team can discuss the pros and cons of this system with you to determine if it’s the right choice for your home or business. No matter your air conditioning needs, we can provide professional advice, installation, and maintenance where needed.

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Efficient VRF systems.

Need to “mix and match” your air conditioning needs? VRF is the answer.

VRF systems are one of the most efficient air conditioning systems available on the market. You can use any combination, depending on your needs. VRF systems can help you save up to 55% of your energy costs.

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