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Skandi Bergen

The purchase of the Skandi Bergen – at a cost of less than A$130 million – will ensure that Defence has the humanitarian and disaster relief capability required between now and the arrival of the two new Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) ships in the middle of the decade.

It will primarily be used to transport troops and supplies in support of humanitarian and disaster relief operations domestically and in the region.

The purchase of this vessel will also provide a long term capability for Customs and Border Protection. After Defence introduces the LHDs into service, the vessel will be transferred to Customs and Border Protection.

Skandi Bergen will be able to undertake patrols in the Southern Ocean providing surveillance, detection and apprehension of any vessels operating illegally. The vessel is able to operate in sub-Antarctic weather conditions.

Skandi Bergen is the sister ship of Ocean Protector, currently operated by Customs and Border Patrol.

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