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Mitsubishi Electric

Air Conditioning Industries provides quality Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning in Newcastle, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

Mitsubishi Electric creates high-quality products for the home, business and industry.

Mitsubishi Electric are world-leaders in air conditioning reliability, quietness and energy efficiency. With proven performance in the tough Australian environment, Mitsubishi Electric units are designed to heat or cool the smallest to the largest applications.

The Mitsubishi Electric range provides a versatile, yet affordable air conditioning solution. With both split system and ducted air conditioning systems available, Mitsubishi Electric can cater to all home and business sizes, from small apartments and offices to larger commercial buildings.

Commitment to product innovation is a key factor in Mitsubishi Electric being a leader in air conditioning technology. In keeping with this commitment, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a number of state-of-the-art features to their range, including:

  • A Catechin air cleaning filter which freshens air quality and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room
  • Plasma Duo Filter System which offers state-of-the-art air purification and deodorisation, removing unwanted odours from the room
  • Wide and long airflow patterns for optimum temperature distribution and comfort, even in larger living spaces
  • A quick clean design which allows you to remove the front panel and air vents easily so you can clean the fans, vents and more

Get in touch with the team from Air Conditioning Industries for more details about Mitsubishi’s models, air conditioning systems and pricing.

Professional Mitsubishi Electric installation, repair and service from experienced technicians

Our team of professionals have more than six decades of experience with the product range from Mitsubishi Electric.

We have installed, maintained and repaired hundreds of air conditioning units from Mitsubishi Electric – so you know your air conditioning is in safe hands with Air Conditioning Industries.

We’re committed to ensuring homes and businesses throughout Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter achieve their optimal temperature.

Discover the potential for your home with our air conditioning cost calculator or get in touch with our dedicated team for more information about our services.

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