9 undeniable signs you’ve got a broken air conditioner

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For most people, getting air conditioning is a big investment. Depending on the kind of air conditioning you need, the average air conditioner can costs in excess of $1,000 – but it’s a life-changing addition to your home, making sweltering summers and cool winters much more bearable. No more sweating through 40 degree days. No […]

Do air conditioners help with humidity?

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New South Wales is notorious for hot and humid summers. Newcastle, in particular, is a hot-spot for scorching summers and thick, uncomfortable humidity. In fact, the average humidity per month in Newcastle is 70%, leaving the general population sweating all year ‘round. Image: Weather & Climate It’s no wonder most people spend their summers in […]

Ducted Air Conditioning vs. Split System: What’s Right For Your Newcastle Home

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Shopping for a new air conditioner can be confusing. There are multiple different kinds of air conditioning units, each designed for specific homes and designs. There are multiple brands, too, all with individual advantages and disadvantages. With minimal knowledge and experience with air conditioning installation, it can be difficult to make a confident purchase. At […]